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Join us for wonderful food and a delightful experience at Brockton Villa.

Make Your Reservation

Be the first one on OUR guest list. To make arrangements please call Joanelle at (858) 454-7393 during regular business hours, or 858-945-4727. Please also feel free to contact us via

Group Sizes and Deposits

Over the years, we have developed a variety of options that make us confident that your party at Brockton Villa will be a success. We are able to cater to a maximum group of 100. Deposits are required for most parties.

9 z set ups

Inside Dining Room

The Inside Dining Room features a large abalone-inlaid (gas) fireplace, which was added to the Brockton Villa around the 1920s. The tables inside are light woods, with mismatched chairs and quilted bench seating, accommodating up to 45 guests. Keep an ocean view with a cozy inviting atmosphere.

Outside Patio

The Outside Patio offers a spectacular open-air setting. There are tables, shaded by umbrellas and an old pepper tree, which is lit at night by white party lights. The Outside Patio can seat approximately 25 guests, and the area is also the entrance to the restaurant, so privacy is limited unless your party is using the Brockton Villa Restaurant exclusively.

3 Veranda sea view

West Veranda

The West Veranda is a covered porch with clear curtains — raised or lowered depending on the weather. There is a spectacular view of the La Jolla Cove, and a great sunset vantage point during the evening. The West Veranda can seat 17 guests. The entire Veranda makes a great stand-up cocktail setting as well.

Wine and Beer

We are proud of our selections of small-production wineries, and micro-brewed bottled beer. We also feature French Bubbly, and a very popular selection of “Brocktails”. With a variety of 40 proof liquors, our Brocktails list includes margaritas, mojitos, and mimosas to suit every palate- traditional orange, exotic pomegranate, and out seasonal specials. Since there is no bar area at the Brockton Villa, we primarily host sit-down meals. However, the veranda and the patio make a lovely “cocktail” reception area prior to sitting down (pm only).

5 Brocktails

Coffee Bar

We feature an extensive non-alcoholic beverage menu. San Diego’s own Café Moto Freshly roasts our coffee.


You are welcome to bring in decorations or add your own floral arrangements. We use white linen napkins for all meals and luminaries are added to each table in the evening. We can provide table cloths in the color of your choice for a separate charge. 


There is street parking along Coast Blvd., including in front of the restaurant. There is also a public parking lot at the top of Coast Blvd., which is a reliable option and a very short walk to Brockton Villa. The La Jolla Cove area is a very popular destination and parking can be challenging. Please allow additional travel time for parking, so your party starts on time!